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An Integrative Clinical Bespoke Group Practice Specializing in the Treatment of:
Complex Trauma
Eating Disorders & Body Image Distress
Climate Emotions
Anxiety & Depression

Integrative Creative Arts Therapy Is

A humanistic and Nature-centered approach to restoring and cultivating healthy human experiences through the integrative use of art therapy, eco art therapy, trauma-informed psychology, and the sciences. This approach to healing is informed by the principles of Interbeing, reciprocity, and cooperation. This bespoke clinical practice based in Huntington, NY  specializes in the treatment of complex trauma, eating disorders, body image distress, grief and loss, climate emotions, anxiety and depression. Our multidisciplinary practitioners integrate the use of the Creative Arts, Nature, Somatic Movement, Yoga, Psychology and Science to help people across the lifespan experience lasting health, balance and wellbeing. With a deep connection and 'use' of Nature in this boutique practice, we strive to cultivate a meaningful and caring relationship between the people we work with and the natural world. Founder and Clinical Art Therapist, Mor Keshet, is an affiliate of the esteemed Complex Trauma Training Institute, the LI Coordinator of the Climate Psychology Alliance - North America and is also a faculty member of CERI - Climate Emotional Resilience Institute. Mor shares frequent Eco Art Therapy workshops, professional development trainings and experiential presentations with the general public, schools, corporations and institutions of higher learning. Integrative Creative Arts Therapy operates under the guiding principles of Interbeing and a deep reverence for all living beings and the Cosmic Matrix of Life.

integrative Eco Art Therapy

Working to develop the field of EcoArt Therapy, Mor is driven to help mend the fractured attachment between humans and the rest of the natural world. She notes that "when we heal our broken attachment to the ecosystems around us, we will heal our relationship to ourselves and one another. EcoArt Therapy is a salve for our consciousness, for our deepest wounds and traumas we now see perpetuated in Nature. Bridging awe and wonder with intentional acts of creative expression inherently improves our health and the health of our planet." Mor is now the Long Island Coordinator for the Climate Psychology Alliance of North America and is working to educate other mental health professionals and the public on the mental health impacts of climate change.


109 Browns Road,
Huntington, NY 11743

(631) 759-8278

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