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Mor Keshet, MPS, LCAT is a New York based Creative Arts Therapist with 20 years of clinical experience. Her integrative practice specializes in the treatment of trauma, intergenerational dynamics, relational intelligence, narcissistic abuse, social justice and consciousness development. Mor has worked internationally with refugee children, survivors of human trafficking, homeless individuals as well as families in crisis. Currently, Mor is exploring the intersectionality of health, ecology and creativity both in her private practice, in research and writing as well as in her curated workshops and presentations. 

Mor's practice is eclectic and integrative drawing from the principles of Humanistic, Strengths-Based, and Attachment theories in addition to Positive Psychology. Mor continues to expand her knowledge and practice through continuing education in evidence-based, trauma-informed practices including Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, and Somatic Healing. The implementation of Art Therapy in her work is sometimes supplementary, sometimes primary or sometimes it merely informs the verbal exchange. No experience with art materials is required, nor is engagement with art materials during sessions a requirement for treatment. 


Every individual who enters Mor's treatment space is powerful, safe and cared for. 

Mor has witnessed vital transformations take place after relatively short periods of engagement in treatment with her. Change is possible. Growth is waiting for you. Mor looks forward to connecting with you and witnessing your personal journey to hope and healing. 

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