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Mor Keshet, MPS, LCAT (she/her) is a New York based Integrative Eco Arts Therapist with 21 years of clinical experience. Her clinical practice specializes in the treatment of trauma, intergenerational dynamics, climate emotions, relational intelligence, narcissistic abuse, social justice and consciousness development. Mor has worked internationally with refugee children, survivors of human trafficking, homeless individuals as well as families in crisis. Mor is a seasoned facilitator and a strategic leader having worked extensively in partnership development for international nonprofits. 

Currently, Mor is working to research, apply and advance Integrative Eco Art Therapy.

IEAT is a humanistic and eco-centric approach to restoring and cultivating healthy attachments between humans and the natural world. IEAT employs the guiding principles of art therapy, eco art therapy, integrative trauma-informed psychology, and the sciences, to provide individually centered healing that is informed by the principles of Interbeing, reciprocity, and cooperation. Through integrative didactic engagement, experientially gained insight, artmaking with Nature as metaphor, material, or setting, IEAT appears to effectively repair the fractured attachments humans have to themselves, other people,

and the natural world. (Keshet, 2024).


Mor is an affiliate of the esteemed Complex Trauma Training Institute where she both presents and learns with colleagues from around the world.  Mor is the Long Island Coordinator for the Climate Psychology Alliance of North America and also co-chairs CPA-NA's Expressive Arts Committee. Mor is actively working to educate other mental health professionals and the public on the mental health impacts of climate change through frequent Eco Art Therapy workshops, professional development trainings and experiential presentations in schools, corporations and institutions of higher learning. Mor is also a faculty member of CERI - Climate Emotional Resilience Institute where she works collaboratively with other mental health professionals from around the world to help foster a shift in consciousness through connection with self, community and wider spaces.

Mor notes that "when we heal our broken attachment to the ecosystems around us, we will heal our relationship to ourselves and one another. Integrative Eco Art Therapy is a salve for our consciousness, for our deepest wounds and traumas we now see perpetuated in Nature.

Bridging awe and wonder with intentional acts of creative expression inherently

improves our health and the health of our planet."

Mor's integrative, trauma informed practice is eclectic and draws from the principles of Interbeing, Humanistic, Psychodymamic, Strengths-Based, and Attachment theories in addition to Positive Psychology. The implementation of Art Therapy in her work is sometimes supplementary, sometimes primary or sometimes it merely informs the verbal exchange. No experience with art materials is required, nor is engagement with art materials during sessions a requirement for treatment. 


Every individual who enters Mor's treatment space is powerful, safe and cared for. 

Mor has witnessed vital transformations take place after relatively short periods of engagement in treatment with her. Change is possible. Growth is waiting for you. Mor looks forward to connecting with you and witnessing your personal journey to hope and healing.

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