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individual THERAPY

Integrative Creative Arts Psychotherapy (ICAP) is a powerful therapeutic modality for any individual across the lifespan. In my trauma-informed practice, we call upon evidence-based modalities including Creative Arts Therapy Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT),  Somatic healing and Positive Psychology to curate individualized and integrative treatment  plans for adults and teens. 



ICAP is an effective technique with families because it bypasses those censors, or roadblocks that families may have adeptly construed. A family that does not know how to express feelings directly may find a way to do so when given an opportunity to draw or paint - separately and together. When family members engage in a creative therapeutic activity, they often express thoughts and feelings they may otherwise not feel comfortable expressing through traditional talk therapy. ICAP can help unlock a deeper, and more meaningful level of communication, and ultimately for love and understanding. 

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There is a distinctive kind of creative energy generated when people work together to create art. Call it synergy or collective flow. But whatever you call it, it's an experience that has the potential to change our perceptions of who we are and shows us how to get by with a little creative help from our friends. While art making is often defined as a solitary pursuit, creating with others or in the presence of others taps the curative factors beyond those that can be found within oneself (Malchiodi 2010).

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