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Hope And Healing

Integrative Creative Arts Therapy is a humanistic and Nature-centered approach to restoring and cultivating healthy human experiences through the integrative use of art therapy, eco art therapy, trauma-informed psychology, and the sciences. This approach to healing is informed by the principles of Interbeing, reciprocity, and cooperation.

Every individual who comes to my practice is profoundly powerful, possessing vast strength and possibility. While past trauma may trap us in false narratives about ourselves and others, together we will tap into your authentic voice  and identify your personal path towards healing, growth, joy and a restored sense of confidence. Calling upon an integrative, evidence-based approach, we will work to instill a renewed sense of balance, inner-peace and self-love. 

The creative process, resulting artwork, and verbal discussion benefit individuals of all ages, allowing for improved self-esteem, strengthened resilience, gained insight, as well as emotional and spiritual growth. My practice is a safe and nurturing space intended for children, adolescents, adults and families.

With over 21 years of clinical experience, my clinical practice specializes in the treatment of trauma, intergenerational dynamics, climate emotions, relational intelligence, social justice and consciousness development. I also work with individuals searching for fluidity with life transitions, or someone seeking space to empower and define themselves.

Contact me today to start your journey towards hope and healing.

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