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Working to develop the field of EcoArt Therapy, Mor is driven to help mend the fractured attachment between humans and the rest of the natural world. She notes that "when we heal our broken attachment to the ecosystems around us, we will heal our relationship to ourselves and one another. EcoArt Therapy is a salve for our consciousness, for our deepest wounds and traumas we now see perpetuated in Nature. Bridging awe and wonder with intentional acts of creative expression inherently improves our health and the health of our planet." 

Workshops& Retreats
Summer Solstice
june 20, 2024, 6-8 pm

Welcome to the Summer Solstice Eco Art Therapy Workshop! Join us on Thu Jun 20, 2024 at 6:00 PM in beautiful Huntington Bay for a unique experience connecting art, nature, and mindfulness. This in-person event offers a space for creativity and self-expression, guided by experienced Eco Art Therapist, Mor Keshet, MPS, LCAT. Let the energy of the summer solstice inspire you as you create art using natural materials found in the surroundings. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and explore the therapeutic benefits of art-making. No prior art experience needed, just an open heart and mind.

  • Guided meditation

  • Eco Art making

  • Healing circle

  • Nature offering and more.

  • Serene and private 4 acre garden

  • Together, we will embrace the Summer Solstice and Full Strawberry Moon with intention, meaning and community.

After completing this form, please proceed to complete your registration by submitting your payment via Venmo (@Mor-Keshet) or Zelle. All workshops are $75 Per Participant. Your payment secures your spot in the workshop and you will receive a confirmation of receipt along with workshop details. Thank you!

Thanks for registering to our event. You will receive an email with workshop details prior to the event. See you there!

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